Tennyson Center at Colorado Christian Home

The Tennyson Center provides a variety of programs for emotionally and crisis-affected children and youth, particularly those suffering from abuse and neglect.  Programs vary from daily schooling and therapy, to residential boarding programs.  The Center serves children ranging in age from 5-18 and is dedicated to ensuring that these amazing kids have the fighting chance they deserve at a satisfying and fulfilling life.

 FCC provides financial support to the Tennyson Center on a recurring basis as part of our congregation's Mission Tithe.  In addition, for the last 13 years we have served as co-hosts (along with other Colorado Springs and Pueblo DOC churches) for the annual Southern Colorado fund-raising dinner for the center.  The 2010 dinner raised $59,100 towards the center's budget.  Much of this money comes in recurring pledge payments from individual members of FCC; in addition, FCC gave $3,000 from its mission tithe.

 FCC members occasionally travel to the center to participate in work parties and to serve as adjuncts to Tennyson Staff (tutoring, hugging, encouraging, etc.) .  Christmas gifts to the CCH children is a regular annual occurrence.