Shiprock Mission Trip, May 27-30.  Lots of opportunities for everyone to participate!

A great opportunity to visit the beauty of the American southwest, view Native American art and have the opportunity to meet the artists, engage a people with deep roots in spirituality, and at the same time provide a needed service for people caught in the trap of traumatic poverty.  Protein is an absolute necessity in the diets of all people but it is severely lacking in the diets of many Native American people basically because of the lack of availability.  By partnering with One Nation Walking Together we are attempting to remedy that situation by empowering families with chickens to raise them, teach their children animal care, and utilize the eggs for protein, to barter and to sell.  The fertilizer generated will also help increase the production of corn and other vegetables from soil that is depleted of beneficial elements.  Our role in the partnership is to provide chicken coops.  One is built and another in process.  They are designed to be taken apart and delivered to the reservation to be erected.  Families have been screened and carefully chosen to raise the chickens. 

We will be traveling over the Memorial Day weekend, departing on the 27th and returning on the 30th, we will stay in Farmington, New Mexico.

While there we will provide some basic repair to homes where families make the request.  we will be doing such things as curtains, scraping, filling cracks, painting inside or out.  If you would like more information join Associate Minister for Mission and Stewardship Don Sarton at 10:30 in the Fellowship Hall on Sunday, May 1 or May 8, or contact him