Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN)

IHN is a continuous ministry to temporarily homeless families supported by about 20 congregations in Colorado Springs.  It is affiliated with a national organization ("Family Promise") and has a very small paid staff operating out of a small combination day-room and office facility in the downtown area. 

The role of the congregations is to provide overnight sleeping quarters for one week and a hot meal each night to the families (we can host up to four).  They sleep in our Sunday School rooms, and we prepare meals in the Fellowship Hall kitchen.  FCC members bring, prepare, and serve food; we dine together, clean up, and then two FCC members spend the night at the church as "overnight hosts" (for emergencies or whatever).  Other volunteers setup and tear down the rooms at the beginning and end of the week, launder bedding, and bring donations for packed lunches. 

 The core idea of IHN is to give the families a pathway to success.  Participants in the program are always family units (i.e., there are always children), and all families have at least one parent working or actively looking for work.  The intent of providing free housing and some meals during their stay is to allow families to accumulate enough money to make a deposit and set up housekeeping.

         IHN Families

FCC generally serves 3-4 weeks per year.  It is truly an opportunity and a privilege.  Once you participate, you won't be the same.