First Christian Church would be delighted to be the site of your wedding as a way of extending the grace and love of God to you!

We invite any couple seeking a Christian ceremony, both members and non-members, to have their ceremony in the sacred beauty of our building. We want your day to be a memorable one, and our policies and procedures (which you can view/download on the left) are ones that will help make that so!

We understanding a wedding to be an act of Christian worship in which two people, amidst the company of friends and family, receive from God the gift of marriage. By coming to the church for your wedding, you are saying that you want this happy and sacred ceremony - and your life together that shall follow! -  to be lived in the presence of God. A church wedding ceremony therefore symbolizes that you are seeking God's presence to bless the beginning of your new life together.

Please contact our Wedding Administrator if you have questions and to check possible dates.

The sanctuary's chancel area, altar/communion table, and organ


Photographs courtesy of Sean Cayton, Cayton Photography.  Used by permission