What you can expect when you attend a worship service at First Christian Church....

Here's the cut-to-the-chase version: 

'Where you won't be judged,
where you won't be told what you 'have to' believe,
where EVERYONE is truly welcome!"

Read on for the nitty-gritty details about what our worship services are like!

  • It will last about an hour, maybe a little more.
  • If you have infants or toddlers, you are welcome to keep them with you or you are welcome to have them stay with our professional and caring child-care folks.
  • Nobody "owns" a particular place to sit; please sit where you like after one of our ushers gives you a program for the service.
  • As you enter the sanctuary - what some traditions call "the worship center" - there is usually a musical "prelude" by the organist or pianist or other musicians.  This is an opportunity to center, take a breath, and begin to focus away from all those other things on your hearts and minds.
  • The minister will welcome everyone and then a worship leader will give a "Call to Worship," a few simple sentences inviting all to celebrate this opportunity to come before God.  We'll then sing an opening song or hymn.  That's usually followed by a prayer - led by the worship leader -- and more singing.  The words to the songs are all printed; you won't feel like the only one who doesn't know stuff!
  • There is a time when toddlers and elementary-aged children come forward to the front of the sanctuary and have their own special time and a short and engaging lesson.  They can then return to their seats (on the first Sunday of the month, they may go to "Children's Church" led by caring volunteers where they'll hear a lesson on the love of God.)
  • The sermon is usually about twenty minutes long and the minister will both seek to help us understand a verse or two from the Bible and how they illustrate a God of grace and love, as well as seeking to help everyone apply those ideas in a practical way in their own lives.
  • Each Sunday we close our service with communion.  Some traditions call this "The Lord's Supper."  Some call it "the Eucharist."  It is a symbolic meal where each worshipper is offered a small piece of bread and cup of juice, reminiscent of Jesus' last supper with his disciples.  EVERYONE is welcome to participate - this "meal" is a symbol of God's hospitality and grace to all.
  • Out of our joy, we then receive an offering for the work of the church here and through its mission efforts around the world.  And please:  You are our guest! - we don't expect you to give, but are delighted that we can give to you!
  • We close with a final song and an invitation to any present who might wish to affirm or re-affirm their faith in God, or who might wish to make "official" that they want our congregation to be their church family. 
  • After the 8:15 a.m. service, and before the 11:00 a.m. service, we have an opportunity in our Fellowship Hall to share coffee and snacks and we hope you'll be a part of that!
  • So....  Worship is about God, it's about seeking to praise a God of grace and love, it's about finding renewal for the week, it's about joining with others to offer songs and prayers in thanksgiving for that grace and love. 

Check us out!  Or if you have more questions, let us know!