Maybe you think of yourself as "spiritual," but aren't sure you're "religious."  Or maybe you've found a deep connection to God in nature, or through art, or in solitude, or in the company of those you love.  But now, for whatever reason, you have a desire to worship in the company of others.  But you have questions: 

  • What do they do in those services? 
  • Will I be embarrassed? 
  • Will I have to publicly introduce myself when I just want to quietly check things out? 
  • Do you have to kneel? 
  • What if I don't know "the rules" about standing and sitting and all that? 
  • Am I going to hear certain groups of folks "bashed" by the minister?

We understand your questions.  There are too many churches where we wouldn't feel comfortable either, and where there does seem to be an emphasis on "who's out" rather than on the loving presence and care of a wonderful and awesome God.

That's not us.